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2003 – Eye tracking and Design Focus for maximum user satisfaction, navigation and intuitiveness

We appreciate every customer and with thousands of sophisticated users logging on around the world, we want them to have a great experience. We want our clients to be able to move around with ease so you can get the answers you need. Our interfaces are evaluated by trained professionals and their eye movements are recorded in an environment similar to yours. Real users performing real tasks provide the evidence so we can improve the search experience and results. The usability, accessibility and your experience are on the top of our minds.

Meeting with customers and working with them for nearly two decades has given us a clear understanding of our clients work flow. Customers know we spend a lot of time in their offices so we can develop better solutions. We watch our users do their own work and discuss their needs right there. This is the information which gives our development projects focus. Our long term partnerships allow us the access and understanding of the work, the how and the why.

We conduct user centric research to create simply, user-friendly interfaces.