We make sure you get what you need at the end of your journey.


Custom Advice

When you need that extra pair of eyes or critical input we are here to help you. Over the past twenty years, we have answered a wide variety of questions, but there is always something new. When you do not have all the facts, when you need a particular expertise, or when you are in hurry, we are here to help you. For future and strategy research we are there to inspire. We make sure you get what you need at the end of your journey.


Consulting, Getting The Right Answers

Research is about getting to the right answer effectively and efficiently, in a way that leverages the largest amount of available information and about how the consumer makes their choice.

The right kind of research tells you the current needs of the consumers, what consumers are doing, and how they react to new options. We research the food and beverage markets and find answers to any strategic and/or research questions your company might have.

The right answer is the one that helps you make a better business decision. Our dedicated team of consultants and experts are here to support you. Whether it’s to identify key trends or new opportunities and white spaces in your market. They leverage all of Innova’s resources to help you make data driven decisions.


Knowing the Market

We work with global leaders on bespoke projects, including strategy planning, innovation ideation, deep dive. Our researchers know the markets for food and beverage products, ingredients, new product development and brands.

We have either worked in these industries ourselves, or have many years’ experience in research. We make sure you get what you need at the end of your journey. We know what questions are important, both for consumers and producers.

We know what questions have been asked before, and where the answers might be changing, into specific spaces and categories where we find fresh actionable insights and new refreshing perspectives. Our experts can join your ideation sessions or stimulus preparation to provide you with future-proofed insights.

Our trends team meet throughout the year to review the inputs from our networks and category experts. We identify the new trends and opportunities which you can be the first to exploit, whether it is consumer and lifestyle or technology or packaging, we have it all for you.