Product Retrieval

Hands-on experience is worth a ton of speculation.
Get the product on your desk.

Sometimes the only way to assess a product is to hold and examine it. Because our people are on the ground in 75+ countries, they are available for instant product pick-up and courier as required by clients. Our teams also retrieve promotional material and shelf placement information.

We use experienced local people to obtain product samples to order, which can be:

  • Across markets
  • Across sectors
  • Within particular retailers
  • In specific regions or cities
  • Or set up your own categorization to pick up and retrieve new products that look interesting

In addition, we retrieve individual products, such as:

  • Products by brand or parent company
  • By flavor, packaging type or named ingredient
  • New products by sector
  • Review of all products in a sector

Our team has extensive experience locating the products you need to gain intelligence into what others are doing. Being able to hold and examine the products, allows you to see how your product compares with your competitors and provide inspiration for your next product innovation.